Setting the Standard in Exterior Finishes
EIFS - Foam Synthetic System

An EIFS System is a procedure in which Tyvec Stucco wrap is applied to sheathing. Foam is placed over the Tyvek, and then a birdy-like fastener is screwed to the sheathing for extra support. A base coat of Portland cement is added to the primus to make the first coat of the base. Fiber mesh is then added to the foam, and a second coat of primus is added to bond the mesh to the base coat. A color coat is then added for a final finished product. All doors and windows are left with a 3/8" gap for caulking purposes.

This product is made by Synergy™, Dryvit™, as well as Sto™, all available in our area.

Materials used by Stucco Rite